Introducing Exposure

Exposure.so Review
Every image has a story at Exposure.so “Create Beautiful Photo Narratives“, pretty much sums Exposure perfectly, although it had to be hard to leave out the word “Simply.” When I first saw this website, a quote by Dorothea Lang came to mind – “Photo
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Make time for you!

Make time for you! Lately I’ve been really busy, literally two weeks of full days in front of my monitor. During these hard stretches I become more restless, less focused, and stress begins reveal itself in the form of headaches. Yesterday I took a step back and did some math. I
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Portage Valley Winter Discovery

Portage Valley Alaska Photo Walk
Photo Walks: Portage Valley in the Winter As we work through the final plans for a Portage Valley Photo Walk, I thought it would be fun to get you all excited about the meetup. The Alaska landscape transforms into some pretty epic scenes, and the mix of sunlight we get alone is worth
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Photo & Video Walk: Talkeeta, Alaska

Photo / Video Walk: Talkeeta Any camera will work, it’s a social event for all! Filmmaker and Photographer Scott Slone will be your host and un-official Talkeetna guide.  Whatever your skill level, the mission is to get out and have fun with our cameras!  It’s also a fanta
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