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Alaska HDTV Series - features outdoor adventurer Scott Slone in various locations around Alaska.

Into Southeast Alaska
Alaska Web Series / VOD
I’ve watched Alaska HDTV for more than a year, and have really enjoyed “traveling” with Scott and his team. They’ve brought parts of Alaska to us that we may never have seen otherwise. -Michael Boyter

Discover a trip of a lifetime in Southeast Alaska. A three day adventure begins up the Stikine River to explore it’s tributaries and Shakes Glacier. The second day takes us to Anan Creek, located 30 miles southeast of Wrangell. This area hosts the largest pink salmon runs in Southeast Alaska, which attracts both brown and black bears offering rare bear encounters – and bald eagles. AnAn is also home to rich native culture. The final day of this expedition takes us to Petersburg and to LeConte Glacier, which is the southernmost tidewater glacier of the Northern Hemisphere and is known for its “shooter” icebergs which calve off underneath the water.

Total playtime: 22 minutes.
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