“Inside This World Of Mine” Static Cycle

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While Alaska’s political noise often steals the spotlight, our own Alternative Rock Trio Static Cycle is rocking our State onto center stage. These guys have become one of my favorite current and local bands!  The music video for “Inside This World of Mine” really brings it all together – Shot in the Chena Hot Springs Ice Museum ads to the electrifying vibe and message of the song, which also features Bristol Palin.

Song writer Navarre say: “When I wrote the lyrics to the single ‘Inside This World Of Mine’ I felt like we were going to be conducting the world through that song,”. “It’s about that point in life when you wake up and have great confidence in yourself, where you’ve broken down all the barriers and nothing can stop you. So thematically, it’s about knowing we’ll never give up on the world,” he adds. “The bridge specifically references Alaska’s weather; I’m drawing a parallel to life.  Alaska’s weather ranges from the blistering cold winter to the beautiful sunshine of the summer.  Likewise, life can seem dark and cold at times but always ends up working out or being ‘summer’ just in time.”

As much as I’m a music guy, Static Cycle taps into my love of lyrics – if you can’t write I’m probably not listening. They’ve already been burning up the music scene nationally, touring up to 14 states last year! If you haven’t see their show, don’t miss out – visit their website staticcycle.com to keep yourself up to date.

Their new album “Hydrate” is now available in iTunes!

Rock on!

About the Author
My name is Scott Slone. As a native Alaskan and filmmaker, I’ve always believed that the point of my work is to help people see more deeply into our landscape, and connect us more with the experiences and awaken the senses. Alaska HDTV was created from this deep passion I have for my land.
  1. Jeff Curtis

    My god these guys rock!

  2. Sarah

    Purchased the track in iTunes and can’t stop listening, these guys are from Alaska blows my mind.


  3. Less Carr

    Damn I love their music Scott /,,/
    I can see why Bristol Palin is in this video frozen blackberry and all. I’m sure there is more to the story but I can’t find the lyrics to “Inside This World Of Mine” can you post them?


  4. Brenda Arney

    Hey Scott,

    Did you do the video for Static Cycle’s “Inside This World of Mine”?

    Did you know that my friend Mari Jo’s (Special Santa Program Founder) son, David Parks is Static Cycle’s manager and is traveling the lower US with them right now doing shows?

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