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“Hallelujah” Jodi, Alana, & Morgan


Alaska’s own Emerging Warrior Studios, produced L. Cohen’s “Hallelujah” – performed by Jodi, Alana, & Morgan in North Pole, Alaska. I really liked the music video they produced for this song, if that wasn’t enough wait until you hear the quality of track now available on iTunes!

I’m pretty excited about the music coming out of Alaska, and these girls have set the bar.  I’ve heard this song from various music artists before, but the delivery by Jodi, Alana, & Morgan is moving to say the least. The female trios delivers the lyrics clearly, anchored to a folk-pop driven vibe that leaves me wanting more.

Featured local music artist:
L. Cohen’s “Hallelujah”
Jodi, Alana, & Morgan
Emerging Warrior Studios
Buy the Track on iTunes

About the Author
One of Alaska's biggest evangelists for instate travel, Scott comes from a family history that reaches five generations deep into the State of Alaska. In the fall of 2005 Scott decided a desk wasn't for him, using his rich background in television production, computer programming and social media production, he founded Alaska HDTV.
  1. Terry
    Oh my god Scott this was great! I purchased the track, but can we buy the music video also? Alaska Artists Rock!
  2. Ed Haines
    These ladies do one fabulous job on this song! It surprised me when I clicked on the Alaska HDTV icon and this came up. And who is the person on the piano? Excellent performance! I love it, I love it, I love it!
  3. DAve Plant
    Outstanding! What else can I say. Had to have the sound track. Bought it online.
  4. Ryuu
    Thumbs up! I'm not finding a website for them anywhere? Thank you Scott for putting this out there, also purchased the song.
  5. Paul from Poland
    I was about to watch it while i was doing something else. I struck me with such force, that I spent 40 mins watching it over and over again! Absolute tops Paul.
  6. Diana
    I remember a Word being spoken over one of these young ladies at a luncheon I attended. Its nice to see it coming to fruition.
  7. Dave Taylor
    Beautiful song. Wonderful voices in the trio, HUGE talent there. Thanks for getting this out to us all!
  8. Mike
    Scott, this is one of your finest. Jodi, Alana, and Morgan; I've heard many renditions of this song but yours is my very favorite. What a find, thank-you.
  9. Evgeniy
    Beautiful, amazing, calming down, renewing! Sounds like a confession, a prayer, a praise. My confession, my prayer, my praise. Well done. Wishing you every blessing!
  10. darcie
    Love,love,love it!
  11. Fred H
    Absolutely the best rendition of all. Of all those others that have sung the song, ladies I honestly know that your's is the best ever done. Please continue to praise our Lord and to sing for the rest of our souls.
  12. Tammy Rose Coon
    I heard these 3 ladies for the 1st time on the "GodVine" website .... as with everyone else I can't get enough of them !!!!!! I'm unable to download from iTunes, so I continue to pull this song up via my web browser & play it over a LOT. Thank God for such wonderful young ladies & the brother that fims AND plays the piano is EQUALLY talented. There are awesome things ahead for this group of people. May God continue to bless you ALL as well as your families. You have all blessed each one of us who has heard & seen your talents ! Your sister in Christ, Tammy Rose Coon
  13. bruno
    its amazing, it went viral now but you started it 2010, thanks scott
  14. Teddy
    Beautiful. Best arrangement and performance I have ever heard of the song. Girls are gorgous too!
  15. Beathoven
    Jodi, Alana, & Morgan, Just Love This. Simple and Beautiful. Why hasn't the whole world heard this? Yours is the best version of the most recorded song ever. (believe over 300 recordings. - I think Pachelbel's cannon gets it for 'most recorded 'piece')
  16. Will Scott
    It gave me chills-Broke your throne and she cut your hair...the way that was phrased just moved me. And ladies your beauty over throws me.

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