FTC Disclosure for Alaska HDTV


As a travel blogger, filmmaker and host I am occasionally provided with travel, lodging or other non-cash compensation from travel destinations as part of their Media programs. This includes hotel accommodations, occasional meals, ground transportation and in some circumstances airfare as part of a press trip or in support of a travel based assignment. I am occasionally provided outdoor gear, clothing and photo equipment as part of product testing or endorsement.

With few exceptions, I only review products that I’m interested in purchasing, and I feature products as news items that are a) exciting to me, b) innovative, c) overwhelmingly newsworthy, or d) entertaining. I will always make note if something was sponsored.

It’s not always a sponsored event, my passion for Alaska and filmmaking allow me the freedom to share my own personal adventures. All of my sponsors have at some level joined me in sharing all Alaska has to offer, featuring only those whom I think will benefit viewers and readers like you.

Advertisements in video or within the blog are clearly paid ads for the purpose to keep the lights on and my family fed.

I get paid for every post I put on this blog, twitter update I tweet, facebook update I post, interviews I give or take, photo I take, video I make, and clothing I wear. If I didn’t make money on any of the above, then it was an oversight on my part and it will be corrected soon.

The opinions expressed on this site are solely the responsibility of the author and do not represent the views of any organization of which I am a member, or of any destination or business I have filmed, photographed or written about.

If you have any questions about specific subjects or issues, please email me.
Here’s to sharing the Alaska experience!
Scott Slone