Behind the Lens: Create Space

Chugach Mountain Range, Powerline Pass
Behind the Lens: Create space in your life Something a bit different, but felt it was worth sharing.  Hiking out of the Chugach after a long afternoon observing moose and capturing some great moments, I had a few thoughts I wanted to share. (Give it a watch) Yes, I know, it’s se
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Portage Pass Hike in Whittier, Alaska

Not every hike of the week can be a total success, weather aside this hike offers some promising views. Whether you're an Alaskan or a visitor this is a great vantage point to viewing beautiful wilderness and accessing both the Burns and Portage Glacier.
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Hatcher Pass, Reed Lakes Hike

Reed Lakes is a top notch hike located just an hour north of Anchorage. Whether you're a Photographer or Hiker, this hike offers incredible high alpine terrain, and views that have kept me coming back here for years.
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Alyeska Resort, Trails, Hikes and More!

Follow us to Alyeska Resort as we reveal new and improved hiking and biking opportunities! All of us here at Alaska HDTV are fans of Mt.Alyeska! The resort brings it all together a perfect mix of rustic atmosphere with a topping of four start treatment.
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