Aurora Tour, a Special Invitation!

Greetings everyone!
Join me some show updates, a special invitation to join me on an adventure and enjoy the best of local music from Alaska and around the world.


Join me this winter on a great adventure. The Aurora Borealis & Winter Landscapes Photo Tour Guided by Sixtyone North and Alaska pro photographer David Taylor
Sixtyone North Website:

Jesse Malin
Track: Prisoners of Paradise

Artist: Deanna Brown

Artist: Heart
Track: Crazy On You

Artist: Dr. Schultz
Track: I’ll Fly Away

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Thanks everyone!

  1. Mariano

    I am looking forward to the show about Anchorage. Why not a special about the brewpubs and microbreweries like Snow Goose or Midnight Sun Brewing Co. I wish I could do the research for this show with you Scott.

  2. Terry

    Blushing when you said my name on the show, you’re welcome Scott and how you share Alaska is so fantastical! If I could take the Aurora Photography trip with you I’d buy tickets today but keep offering trips.

    Scott’s the biggest voice for Alaska LOL take that Sarah Palin 😉 Alaska tourism groups should be ashamed for not supporting this guy!!!!!!!!!! I DID!!!!!

  3. Samual Tiff

    Beginning of the show was a cut above the rest where radio is concerned and felt like I was there with you heading in the studio as you intended I’m certain.

    /,,/ Keep up the great shows.

  4. John Leaf

    Real authentic Alaska food would be great Scott, better to be served by a true Alaskan. I’m not interested in bars, but beer made in Alaska e.g. Alaska Amber go for it!

    I just subscribed to your podcast and it surpasses my expectations in comparison of the xxxx [pooo] typically featured on Alaska like Sarah Palin. So keep it up Scott!


    [edited for language]

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